Layers of time

17 04

15 06


Layers of time

Eva Eisler & Jiří Příhoda

Curated by Eva Eisler

The Kvalitář Gallery presents Layers of Time, an exhibition by Eva Eisler introducing Jiří Příhoda.

Eva Eisler explores abstract objects made of natural materials that remind one of monumental structures from the depths of history catapulted into the present. Unlike her previous work, which was marked by a formal purity rooted in minimalism and mathematical order, the work on display here contains space for improvisation and adaptation, subservient to a contemplative discipline. The intentionally low-tech approach suggests a resistance to the speedy developments taking place all around us. Nothing fits in its place perfectly, precise lines are replaced by the natural shapes of the materials used: cracked stone and wood cuttings. In her sculptural execution, geometry transforms under the angle of the spectator’s perspective – it becomes the subject of reinterpretation.

The guest artist at this exhibition is Jiří Příhoda, who will present his work as a photographer in public for the first time. His images document parts of the “sculpture park” (no longer in existence) that he anonymously created in the interiors of an unbounded old-growth forest under Roštejn Castle, between the cities of Třešť and Telč in the Czech-Moravian Highlands, from 1985 to 1988.