Václav Krůček

*1955, Ostrava, Czech Republic

Václav Krůček (*1955, Ostrava) is a graduate of Ladislav Čepelák’s graphic design studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (1981). In 2013, he began his doctoral studies at the Film Studies Department of the Faculty of Arts at Charles University in Prague where he is currently finishing his dissertation: Intuition and the Vacuum of the Film Image. From 1987-1994 he resided in Australia, where he received a year-long grant from the Visual Arts/Craft Board of Australia in 1992.


Krůček’s work is related to the medium of painting, the traditional role of the hung painting and its display function. The artist has been working with white metal and synthetic grids installed on a white wall from the beginning of the 1990’s. Using natural or artificial light, he creates shadows or, if the grid has been painted, a colour reflection. The metal grids which are, in fact, prefabricated material, are modified by the artist through cutting and bending to create the final optical result. From 2012, Krůček has been concurrently working on videos in which static shots develop the theme of fine nuances. This results in minimal changes in the image, almost imperceptible without the viewer’s serenity.


Krůček’s work has been exhibited in a number of collective and individual exhibitions. These include individual exhibitions at Prague galleries such as, the 207 Gallery at the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design (Shirin, 2018), NoD Gallery (About Reduced Difference, 2012), and Petr Novotný Gallery (Outside of the Painting, 2010). Further solo exhibitions include galleries such as the Die Aktualität des Schönen Gallery in Liberec (Beyond Images, 2010), Malá Špálovka Gallery (Sublime, 2001), House of Art in Brno (1995) and the Regional Gallery in Liberec (1995). His work has also been presented within the framework of numerous group exhibitions such as, the Brno galleries Etcetera Gallery (Oeil de Perdrix, 2018) and Wannieck Gallery (Decreased, 2011). In addition, he has been part of group exhibitions in a number of Prague galleries including, the Topičův Salon in Prague (Focused Indefinitely, 2017), Svit Gallery (Absolute Beginners, 2017), NoD Gallery (Exacta, 2015; Film-Image. Image-Film, 2014; Light, Shadow, and Darkness, 2011; Interface, 2010), National Technical Library (Per Video, 2013), and Prague City Gallery (Space for Intuition, 2007).


Václav Krůček belongs to a group of artists with which the Kvalitář Gallery has been working with on a long-term basis. In 2015 the gallery presented his solo exhibition …durée.