5KV / 5 Years of Art and Design in Kvalitář Gallery



5 Years of Art and Design in Kvalitář Gallery


Opening on Thursday, 5 October 2017 at 7 p. m.
6. 10. – 22. 11. 2017


The “5KV” exhibition on the overlap between art and design is the symbolic culmination of five years of the Kvalitář Gallery’s work, which, against the background of the eponymous architectonic studio, focuses on both disciplines. The exhibition is divided into two parts; the first represents the above-mentioned contemporary works by domestic and international artists who, in various ways, touch on both disciplines, whether from a theoretical perspective, a visual perspective, or from the perspective of how both branches of visual culture function. The second part of the exhibition is then dedicated to a specific example from history demonstrating an instance of the actual overlap of both disciplines, namely, a dialogue between the oeuvres of the Italian designer Alessandro Mendini and the Czech artist Milan Knížák.


Contributing artists:


Atelier Biagetti
Jakub Berdych Karpelis
Sarah Crowner
Federico Díaz
Romana Drdová
Olafur Eliasson a Frederik Ottesen
Martino Gamper
Hilda Hellström
Jakub Jansa
Fernando Laposse

Arik Levy
Sabine Marcelis
Shawn Maximo
Edgar Orlaineta
Toilet Paper
Fredrik Paulsen
Tadeáš Podracký
Robert Stadler
Studio Swine
Nik Timková
Thomas Traum
Zeitguised and Daniel Hundsdörfer



Milan Knížák

Alessandro Mendini


Curators: Monika Čejková, Adam Štěch

Graphic Designer: Štěpán Marko
Architect: Josef Tomšej
Production: Jakub Lerch